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Christmas Miracle in Montana

Santa Claus, a.k.a. Ken Fulk, shows us all how it’s done this week. The lifestyle designer created this amah-zing Montana guesthouse (yes, guesthouse), showing us all how to decorate for Christmas like winners.

The fantastical designer has decorated upwards of fifteen homes for the lucky owners of this snowy escape. This property, situated downslope of the main house, is playfully named Halfway House. The White Christmas themed decor plays well against the traditional bones of the space, while a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings find the perfect balance of comfort and rock-n-roll.

While I hate being cold, and have ambiguous feelings about snow in general, I would move into this home in a Montana minute if it meant cuddles with the family dog Turtle. I suppose instead I’ll have to settle for the dream, and perhaps a few Christmas decorating ideas. Enjoy!

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